Pricing Plans

Can I change my subscription plan anytime?

You bet. Upgrade anytime right from Airportxo dashboard. Any money you have already spent on trial memberships will be credited to your account.

How will you bill me?

We offer annual billing for all account types except Trial Memberships. You can pay by credit card online. Our full membership or Airport Members have the option of invoicing. Contact Us for details.

What are Full Members?

A full member for Airportxo has the ability to search real estate opportunities and RFP’s at airports around the world for their organization. Global retailers, airlines, commercial kitchen operators, duty free organizations and financial services companies and industry consultants or suppliers represent the typical Airportxo full member.

What are Airport Members?

They are simply just that! –Airports! Airportxo is the marketing platform they have been wanting for a long time. One place where all the details of their offerings are presented in a simple and efficient user interface. They are also provided with some really nifty tools and apps to manage their existing aeronautical and non-aeronautical inventory.

What happens at the end of the trial period?

Our team will contact you directly and see if you are interested in upgrading. If you upgrade your account will be credited the trial fee and your trial account will become your permanent account (all of your customization, data, and dashboard remain intact).

If you decide not to upgrade at the end of your trial period, your account will expire.

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