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The world’s first Property Listing Service for Airports. Designed and Developed by Airport real estate professionals to be used by Airport Real Estate Professionals.

With increasing fuel costs, competition for airlines, a more sophisticated traveller, and the need to reduce landing fees, Airports around the world are turning to non-aeronautical revenue streams more than ever before.  The revenue generated from renting real estate and concessions has traditionally proven to give an Airport its highest profit margins. Today we see that these revenue streams are the fastest growing profit segments in the industry.

Whether you are an over-arching organization in charge of many airports or a single airport operator, you can now use Airportxo as a marketing tool for your team to increase exposure to your listings and availabilities or upcoming RFP’s around the world. Leverage Airportxo advertising and reach out to the world’s best tenants, international consultants, construction companies, cargo operators, Real Estate Developers, Hotel Operators and Engineering firms.

Airportxo operates as a subscription based business to business website. There are no annoying advertising revenues or fees or commissions based with this service. It’s simply the world’s most efficient platform for tenants and suppliers to seek out available opportunities at airport properties. The information is secure and only available to members and is not open to the public.



Airports have their own proprietary branded dashboard. You will have the ability to upload the details of your listings directly into the system. You can update them from time to time and add different categories of opportunities. The revenue reporter is an option included in the subscription that allows your tenants to report their sales figures directly to you. The site reminds you of critical lease dates and upcoming renewal notice periods. You will also have the ability to post RFP’s and details of the offering process along with documentation. Interested parties or prospective tenants will then contact the people that you authorize directly. You can also post a standard offer form if you wish. You will also be able to upload key data on your airport and on your procedures for a submission of interest. Now your airport business development team can be easily and quickly informed as to what your colleagues are posting in other airports around the world, airport marketing trends, RFP processes and strategies that will help you market more effectively.


These subscribers consist of local, regional and international companies that can search out opportunities at airports around the world. Food retailers, Duty free operators, Clothing Retailers, Consumer Electronics Retailers and Industry Consultants and Airport Suppliers, just to name a few, will all have the ability to search out available property of various asset types or concessions that may be of interest to them.  They can also seek out available development lands for rent, RFP’s for upcoming expansion projects, construction contracts or auctions that call for the supply of services or equipment to an airport. Subscribers to Airportxo.net receive the direct contact information of the person in charge of the specific opportunity without the frustration of going through various channels before reaching the right person. Plus you don’t pay for extra download costs for RFP information and details.


We take the privacy of your information seriously. That’s why we have adopted an infomediary approach to our business and modelled a member’s only, business-to-business platform. We do not adopt any advertising revenue or annoying pop-ups and we do not sell your information to third parties nor do we adopt any strategy that allows your information to get into the hands of marketers. Click here for our Privacy Policy.


Airportxo.net is essentially a members only Property Listing Service website that showcases a searchable database of available properties for lease or sale, available concession opportunities, and posts details of Requests for Proposals (“RFP’s”) and other offerings for airport properties around the world.

In addition the site will offer other industry information and resources. It will allow Airport Administrators and managers to post their RFP’s in a secure forum and directly upload and edit their offerings and inventory in real time with an “add/edit” feature. The site will also feature direct contact information of key administrators and executives in the real estate roles at airports around the world so that prospective tenants, or suppliers or other members can get a hold of you easily and quickly.

The website will also offer current industry news directly related to airport real estate development and new retail and commercial offerings. The website will also feature real estate product segmentation so that different asset types are easily identified and are searchable. In this way, search results are highly focused and accurate providing the user with the exact information they require without having to visit individual airport websites and then syphon through many pages of information in different formats.

Examples of available aeronautical non-aeronautical commercial real estate Listings will be categorized and searchable into the following types:

Non-Aeronautical Asset Types

Retail Storefronts (food related) Free Trade Zones
Retail Storefronts (non food-related) Retail Concessions
Commercial Offices Retail Kiosk
Commercial Land for Lease Car Park
Commercial Land for Sale Car Rental
Industrial Land for Lease Valet Parking Concessions
Industrial Land for Sale Digital and Print media Advertising Opportunities


Aeronautical Asset Types

Airline Office and Training Facilities Customs Bonded Cargo Warehousing
Customs Bonded Facilities Government approved food processing facilities
Forward Base Operations (“FBO”) opportunities for the business and executive aircraftindustry In-field Apron and Hangar Rentals


All non-aeronautical asset types will be categorized into two basic streams: [A] Pre-Security check locations, and [B] Post-Security check locations.

For the first time, airport administrators will have the ability to enroll their current tenants and allow a secure portal on our website for the tenants to report their sales income on a monthly basis. This is a feature that the majority of airport administrators have identified as, in and of itself, an invaluable and time saving feature that is well worth the membership price. This will save time and money for both the airport landlords and the tenants and will allow for a reporting structure that was previously not available as an external system.

Furthermore, subscribers will be able to attain very valuable mission critical information on availability and asking rates on an industry wide basis. This is currently not available in any other web portal.

Airport administrators that we surveyed were also very interested about the ability in our website for airports to showcase aeronautical income producing opportunities like flight kitchens, airline offices and training facilities, aerospace research and development space, customs bonded, apron and hangar rentals. The reason they cited were that this will allow them to be more competitively positioned when they are trying to attract new airlines and operators to their airport facilities.


We strive to provide the most efficient and professional interface and information technology on our website to serve the needs of our members. Our Listing Policy and Guidelines reflect a professional approach to ensure that only the highest quality information is available to our subscribers. Please click here for a link to our  LISTING POLICY & GUIDELINES.